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Traditional Witch Bells with Bones and Crystals

Traditional Witch Bells with Bones and Crystals

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A traditional set of handmade witch bells. This set has a 5" hoop wrapped with black lace, a real cat sternum bone, partially electroformed in copper with black obsidian gemstones, antique bells, lace, chain, smoky citrine crystal point, a real crow talon, a moon charm and leopard print ribbon. Approx. 21".

Hand-crafted Witch bells for protection from evil and negativity entering your home. Hang on windows or doors.  Bells have been used for centuries to ward off negative energies and unwanted spirits. The clear sound of the bells is said to be a spiritual language spoken to the spirit world. Hang or lay our witch bells wherever you need some extra protection, let them do their magic and bring about positive changes in your life.

All specimen are ethically sourced, no animals have been harmed for my art.

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