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Haunted Cemetery Graveyard Dirt

Haunted Cemetery Graveyard Dirt

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This is a 2 ounce, absinth green, glass jar of Graveyard Dirt from the notoriously haunted Bachelors Grove Cemetery in Illinois.  I asked permission of the inhabitants and left an offering of thanks when taking this dirt. It did come from within the confines of the cemetery but not from a grave. It can be used in many seances, spirit summoning and necromancy spells and rituals.

If you look up Bachelors Grove Cemetery, you will see it has a long history of paranormal activity and is listed as one of the scariest and most haunted places on Earth. Please feel free to message me with any questions about this. 

There are no negative energies or attachments that come along with this, it was given freely from the graveyard. I'm very respectful when dealing with these types of situations.

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