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Copper Electroformed Skull and Spike Earrings

Copper Electroformed Skull and Spike Earrings

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Copper Electroformed skulls and spike dangle earrings. Earrings are approx. 3.5" and have copper 0 clasps that can be worn through pierced ears or stretched ear tunnels.

What is electroforming?
Electroforming is a chemical process in which copper metal is deposited and plated onto another material. It is a fickle and tedious process that takes quite some time but results in one of a kind pieces. It encases organic materials in metal so they are sturdy and last forever!
All pieces are intentionally distressed a bit and have a patina (finish) put on to make them look darker and more antique.

All pieces are sealed to prevent oxidation. Oxidation is a normal occurrence in which copper turns green. Should this happen, you can lightly buff it off with a soft cloth.

Do not wear jewelry in the shower or pool, try to keep dry and store in a safe place when not wearing.

Questions? Feel free to message me.

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