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Altar Broom/Besom with Real Mandible Handle

Altar Broom/Besom with Real Mandible Handle

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A large, hand crafted altar broom/besom. Hand dyed and hand tied authentic broom corn. Leather, lace and suede ties, broomcorn flower embellishments, and a real White tailed deer jaw bone handle. This particular broom has natural and black bristles and measures approx. 20" in length.

Spiritually and in rituals of modern day witchcraft, in olden day witchcraft and in many superstitions around the world, the broom is considered to be a symbol of good luck. Many believe the act of sweeping can sweep away ones bad fortune to make the way for the good. Especially useful in smudge and smoke rituals.

*All specimens have been Ethically and responsibly sourced from either observatories, farms or museums in which all died naturally and have been preserved with respect and care. No animals or insects are poached or killed for my art. I simply preserve their beauty to be admired for years to come.

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